Consignment Policy

Material Sought:

Select china patterns in pristine condition only.

Refusal of Consignment:

Missing Pieces reserves the right to refuse consignment of any item, including damaged items, items which Missing Pieces already carries in abundance, or items that, in the opinion of Missing Pieces, will not be salable.


Once pieces are received, each piece will be inspected, graded, measured, and photographed.


You will receive a typed listing in the mail (or via email) in approximately 2-3 weeks of delivery of the goods. This list will include: condition, selling price per unit, and measurements.


Consignment payments are paid out quarterly. Keep in mind that we cannot pay out for merchandise that has been sold but not yet received by the buyer. We must allow for worldwide shipping which can take as many as 12 weeks when shipping overseas. We offer a 2 week return policy on ALL of our items so we can insure the buyer is satisfied with the merchandise. Please remember that pieces may not sell in your pattern every quarter. Do feel free to contact us for an update on occasion. When doing so, please allow us a day or two to get back to you. Consignments are a great deal of paperwork and must be handled precisely.

Shipping to Winnipeg From Other Parts of Canada:

Both the consignor and the consignee will share the cost of shipping when a set is shipped to us in Winnipeg to be sold. Packing is the responsibility of the packer or sender. All pieces MUST arrive safely in order to be sold. Shipping can be done by Canada Post or by persons driving to Winnipeg from other provinces. We do not accept consignments from outside of the country.

Shipping of Items Sold:

Missing Pieces ships worldwide. The buyer pays for the shipping. Missing Pieces guarantees the safe arrival of all pieces. Each shipment is insured accordingly.


According to our insurance carrier; we can no longer offer insurance on merchandise that is not owned by us and sold on a consignment basis. This needs to be insured under your homeowner’s policy. That said, we have never filed any kind of claim in 27 years. Consignments are stored on our premises, with care. Breakage can occur on occasion, but this can occur while sitting in your china cabinet as well. We do guarantee our packing services worldwide. Should we sell a piece of yours and it is received broken, that is most certainly our fault. It is possible that we miss an imperfection on the initial inspection and this is later discovered while the pieces are in our possession. We make note of these pieces, mark them and return them to the seller, if required.


All costs are incurred by Missing Pieces.

Consignment Term:

All sets will be kept until they are completely sold unless the consignee chooses otherwise. You can choose to pick up your set after the first year has passed. The initial prices are set for a period of one year, then reduced 25%, after a second year, the remaining pieces are reduced by 50% of the original price. If consignments are sitting around for too many years with low sales, we might make an offer to purchase on the remaining pieces or request that the seller pick them up.

Early Termination:

The minimum consignment term will be one year. Should you choose to remove your set before the year is up, there will be a penalty fee of $5.00 per piece. This is to help recover the loss of time involved for: cleaning, grading, photographing, measuring and advertising.

Change of Contact Information:

It is up to the consignee to keep Missing Pieces up to date on any address changes. If consignment payments are returned to Missing Pieces we will attempt to reach the consignee for 30 days. If no contact can be made, the remaining pieces will be donated to the Winnipeg Pet Rescue.