Consignment Policy

Updated: February 1st, 2024

Consignor: Missing Pieces, 646 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 0E9,, (204) 488-1136
Consignee: You
Consignment Goods: Pieces you provide to be sold by Missing Pieces

Pieces Sought

Select SETS of chinaware, stemware and flatware patterns, as well as premium giftware pieces or figurines. All pieces must be in pristine condition only. A cleaning fee will be deducted for pieces that require cleaning in order to sell. A consignment consists of ONE pattern. Each additional pattern added will have a $10.00 fee or 10% fee deducted for administration costs, whichever is greater.

Refusal of Consignment

Missing Pieces reserves the right to refuse consignment of any item, including damaged pieces (things that are chipped, cracked, crazed or repaired), pieces which Missing Pieces already carries in abundance, or pieces that, in the opinion of Missing Pieces, will not be sellable.

Delivery of Product in Winnipeg

Appointments must be made to bring in SETS to consign with Missing Pieces unless arrangements are made with Missing Pieces to drop off boxes to be unpacked and inspected later. Pick-up of sets is an option in Winnipeg for a fee of $50.00 which will be deducted from your first consignment cheque. Boxes and packing materials will be supplied as needed.

Delivery of Product from Outside of Winnipeg

We accept consignment SETS from outside of Winnipeg but only from within Canada due to duties, brokerage and customs fees. Arrangements must be made with Missing Pieces before shipping product to Missing Pieces. Shipping costs are negotiable between the Consignor and Consignee. Packing is the responsibility of the consignee. All pieces must arrive safely at Missing Pieces to be sold. Shipping can be done by Canada Post, a courier service or by persons driving to Winnipeg.


You will receive a typed list of pieces received by Missing Pieces in the mail (or via email) within 2 weeks of delivery of the sets. This list will include condition, grading, measurements and starting price per piece.

Consignment Terms and Pricing

The length of time that we hold a consignment is restricted to a TWO year (365 days x2) maximum. The pieces will be sold at the starting price for the first 6 months or 180 days. The next 180 days, the starting price of the remaining pieces will be reduced by 25%. After a third 6-month period or a total of 365 days, we will reduce the starting price of the remaining pieces by 50%. These prices will remain until the end of the two years from the date of the consignment.

At approximately the 18-month mark, you will be notified of the status of your consignment to allow for ample time for your decision-making as to what to do with your consignment. You can make arrangements to pick up your pieces at that time. Any unsold merchandise can be picked up within 30 days following the two-year selling period.

If the pieces are not picked up by you or unclaimed at the end of the two-year consignment term, ownership and title to the pieces will be transferred to Missing Pieces by this policy and will be added to our annual fundraiser.

Missing Pieces reserves the right to contact you to pick up your pieces at their discretion within 30 days at which time the 30 day period for termination of consignment herein commences. Missing Pieces has been in business for over 30 years and prides itself in successfully consigning thousands of items and having happy consignees (you).

Early Termination

Should you choose to remove your set before 18 months is up, there will be a penalty fee of 20% per piece of the starting price. This is to help recover the loss of time involved for: cleaning, grading, photographing, measuring, advertising and marketing your pieces.

Marketing Fee

A buyer’s premium will be levied onto each item that is sold to assist in covering the marketing fees and promotions offered.

Sales Processing and Returns

A 12-week turnaround is required for international surface shipments to be received in the destination country. As many of our sales are made internationally, this allows for proper processing and shipping.

Return Policy

In cases of returns, especially from international locations, an additional 12 weeks will be allotted for the piece’s return. This extended period accounts for potential delays in international shipping and processing.

Shipping of Pieces Sold

Missing Pieces ships worldwide. The buyer pays for the shipping. Missing Pieces guarantees the safe arrival of all pieces. Each shipment is insured accordingly.

Payment Reconciliation

Consignment payments will be processed only after the return period has concluded, ensuring that all discounts, shipping costs, marketing fees, and online processing charges have been accurately accounted for. Cheques are sent out the next calendar quarter after the appropriate processing period has expired.

Please remember that pieces may not sell in your pattern every quarter. Do feel free to contact us for an update on occasion (once per quarter). When doing so, please allow us a day or two to get back to you. Consignments are a great deal of paperwork and must be handled precisely. Cheques will be issued for payments of $100 or more, apart from the final payout cheque.


According to our insurance carrier; we can no longer offer insurance on merchandise that is not owned by us and sold on a consignment basis. These pieces need to be insured under your own homeowner’s policy. That said, we have never filed any kind of claim in 30 years. Consignments are stored on our premises, with care. Breakage can occur on occasion, but this can occur while sitting in your china cabinet as well. We do guarantee our packing services worldwide. Should we sell a piece of yours and it is received broken, we take responsibility. It is possible that we miss an imperfection on the initial inspection, while the pieces are in our possession, and this is later discovered. We make note of these pieces, mark them, notify you and return them to you on request.

Change of Contact Information

It is up to you to keep Missing Pieces up to date on any address changes and contact information. If consignment payments are returned to Missing Pieces, we will attempt to reach you for 30 days. A secondary contact or next of kin is encouraged on the paperwork. If no contact can be made with you, ownership, possession and title of the pieces will be automatically transferred to Missing Pieces by this policy and agreement made between Missing Pieces and you, and the remaining pieces will be donated to our annual fundraiser for Manitoba Underdogs Rescue.

By consigning with us and placing your pieces in our safekeeping, you agree to the terms of this Consignment Policy with Missing Pieces. This forms a binding agreement between both parties, and you acknowledge that there are no other agreements, oral or written, beyond what is stated in this Consignment Policy. Furthermore, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this agreement and policy.

Thank you for entrusting Missing Pieces with your consignment options. We trust our partnership will be fruitful and benefit us both.